Raise funds and awareness for child soldiers in Myanmar.

If you walked among the smiling and friendly people of Myanmar (Burma), it might be hard to imagine that the country has over 75,000 child soldiers - more than any other country in the world.

Due to poverty and conflict in this area, family units are weakened, leaving many children at risk for recruitment. Our agent,  Project AK-47, is on the forefront of liberating child soldiers in Myanmar.

Though there are many issues that Myanmar faces because of its diversity and lack of centralized leadership, the greatest need that our agents focus on is liberating the many child soldiers of the country.

Hope for 18 responds to the immediate challenge of rehabilitation, medical needs, education and reintegration of these children that arrived at the Hope Home the end of August.

We train these children to become leaders in their communities. Some of them will end up working on tea plantations, others as teachers or government leaders. In every aspect of life they are being taught to carry a spirit of excellence and to create a positive impact on the regions they live in.

Why you? Why now?

You can help by investing in raising vibrant young leaders in regions that are rife with instability, drugs, smuggling, disease and wars and empower at-risk children in Myanmar to become children of change.